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There are literally thousands of videos of The Protomen on the Internet- some epic, some murky. All are precious documents, taken and shared by passionate fans in the US and Canada. However, space and time prohibits listing and linking every existing video here, so the editor has decided to focus on unique, outstanding, or developmentally significant videos, with preference given toward video sets that provide entire shows. To avoid blowing up people's computers text links to sets only will be provided. Because of the nature of a page like this, it will constantly be under construction. Thanks to all fans who have contributed links or information to this archival effort.


Optic Audio episode 17 September 3, 2005
A Nashville cable access show which contains footage from the Act 1 CD release party, some of the very earliest available performance footage of the band, taken at The Boro in Nashville.

NEW! — We have recently discovered a few additional short clips of this same show at We Own This Town - footage by lofi: Clip One Clip Two Clip Three (thanks OnslaughtSix!)


The Will of One An early Youtube performance video, with sound direct from the board at the venue. Performed at The End in Nashville, TN. Footage by mrencyclopedia and ebeseals.


Protoman becomes Ric Flair August 2007, taken by Jupdegrove
Wrestler Ric Flair got on stage in the Protogear in this gig at Red Seven in Austin, TX. Hilarity ensued.

Hope Rides Alone September 2007
Official music video. Author unknown; possibly Version Industries. Original creation date unknown. Video was available on the Act 1 version of the band's website.

Protomen at the Map Room November 2007, taken by Chris L Childrey, Scary Weather Films.
Full set. Both this and the Tesla gig in 2008 are interesting because they represent entire early sets; they also show early crowd reactions and the band bearing up under indifference and in a couple of cases active hostility. In 2011, it is impossible to imagine videos like these, when almost every Protomen gig is now a sea of cameras, raised fists and bodies pressed close to the stage.


Beards Going Nowhere February 2008, taken by user dontstaylong
Song performed live at Whiskerino 2008. Track not present on any albums but is available as official download from the band's website.

The Protomen at Motown - February 10, 2008- user AxionLocutus
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
An interesting, intense raw full set from Detroit that perhaps best showcases the original form of the group as they began to edge toward maturity.

Will of One May 6, 2008
Official music video. Filmed live at Galapagos in Brooklyn, NY, then edited to sync with track from CD. Created by the folks responsible for the original Act 1 version of the website.

Lost version: Keep Quiet May 10, 2008 taken by user Pearljammin1809.
An extremely early version of Keep Quiet from Act 2; much harsher lyrics and darker instrumentation. Performed at the Spazzatorium in Greenville, NC. Features a different and much more ragged voice for Joe.
Breaking Out from the same show.

Father of Death July 24, 2008, Forecastle, taken by user APT127. Note Demon Barber, Heath Who, and The Repeater are present. Wily's part is sung by Panther.

Protomen at Tesla August 2008, taken by Chris L Childrey, Scary Weather Films. Full set.

Protomen at Mercy Lounge August 2008, taken by YT user Bwayne471 - with special on-stage guest Gumby (?!)


The Protomen at Bonnaroo, July 2009, taken by Devin Lamp;
Bonnaroo Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five
Full set. A significant watermark for the band; they competed for and won the right to appear at this massive festival. Note Turbo Lover's alternate costume during The Hounds.


The Protomen at PAX East, March 2010
Playlist of videos taken by morinar, HitokiriDragon, therobd, kjeldor and riggz13
Although the existing footage is incomplete, PAX East found the group playing to their largest crowd to date: around 5000 in Boston. Another watermark; the band proved they could hold a big venue.

The Protomen at Nerdapalooza 2010, July 2010, taken by Youtube user rekenner.
Nerdapalooza 2010 Day One
Everything had gone wrong this night. Technical delays and Panther being downed caused a four hour backup before the Protomen went on stage. But they were going to play anyway. This half-set is remarkable for its intensity. With fans filling in for Panther, something very magical happened.

Nerdapalooza 2010 Day Two
The following day, the Protomen returned to do a free set to make amends to their fans from the night before. Not only did Panther return with a fury, but the heroic fans from the night before were brought back for some sweet codas to the event.

The Protomen at Prophet Bar July 12, Dallas, TX, taken by Youtube user TheKelly1486
Sons of Fate/The Stand
Variant staging for The Stand plus above average pre-fight banter. Protoman is stabbed in the eye. "Why would you do the same thing they did earlier? I'm not dead but that REALLY HURT!"

The Protomen at Jamspace PAX 2010 Sept 5, 2010, Seattle WA, taken by Youtube user BradTheProducer
Sons of Fate
Even funnier than Prophet Bar- Protoman backtalks Commander and gets unplugged, the Protomen endorse Dragon Age 2.


The Protomen at Bottle Tree, Birmingham AL February 25, 2011 -
Pro recording of set created by "We Have Signal" in Birmingham, interspersed with interview segments. Highly recommended- this may be the best live set mix of the group we've ever heard!

The Protomen at Exit/In Nashville October 31, 2011 - livestream from the Exit/In
Click me!
Full set. The Protomen do a Halloween gig, emerging dressed up as dead or missing members of The Protomen, and put on a great performance. This is the origin of the legend of Giorgio Moroder (and his mustache), First Protoman.

The Protomen at The Haven November 15, 2011, Orlando, FL, taken by Youtube user Bleep0Bloop
Under Pressure
Guitarist Ringo Segundo on vocals! Check out the awesome Bowie rendition!


The Protomen at Exit/In with Jack Black from Tenacious D - Bohemian Rhapsody June, 2012, taken by Bryan Huffoto
The video that went straight to TMZ and garnered the group a bit of 'legit' publicity.


The Protomen via Music Feeds, Sydney AU 7/25/13
Partial/abridged 24 minute set. Will of One, Father of Death, The Hounds, Hold Back the Night/Act III Song.
Live in studio from Sydney, AU, in the middle of the first Australian tour. Excellent sound quality, on par with the Birmingham show.

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