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MTSU Sidelines Sept 8, 2005 "PROTOMEN DECEASED" - presumably, this is in reference to the band members' graduation from MTSU and move out of Murfreesboro to Nashville, written in Serious Mode from the old days. Odd sort of thing; neither interview nor review, so it lives here.


Dead of Summer: A webcomic about zombies by Ghostfreehood and Nick Borkowicz, guest-starring the Act 1 cast/fictional personas of The Protomen. Several band members approved of this. They were originally intended to be cameos but largely hijacked the second half of the storyline. Ran from 2006-2008.


The Protomen's Myspace Blog: A treasure-trove of old mailers and quotes from the Serious Mode days.


Whiskerino Protomen page February 26, 2008 "These are some severely bearded robots….and we're gonna stay that way for a long time. America."


A lulzy 4chan thread from /r9k/. August 23, 2010.
Portland, OR's ad for The Protomen's gig on Sept 2, 2010.
Article about controversy of Forever21's "Light up the Night" T-shirt and The Protomen's logo
Pastebin thread - more lulz, people talking about an imaginary Protomen stage show.


From the ridiculous kudzu that is tumblr emerged several fan pages for The Protomen in 2011, consisting of a lot of image and video spam and fandom in-jokes:

fuck yeah protomen macros
get down from there, Reanimator
fuck yeah, protomen quotes
fuck yeah protomen
fuck yeah protomen fanart
fuck yeah raul panther
fuck yeah kilroy

Automated Totalitarianism: A Critical Analysis of The Protomen August 31, 2011


TV Tropes Protomen page

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