The Departed

The current lineup of performers are not the only musicians who have fought as members of The Protomen. This page honors those former members, the unquiet dead.

Giorgio Moroder - MIA.
- The very first Proto-man, even though he doesn't know it.

Doug Fetterman KIA - literally. Died in Ohio, destroyed by the group in Nashville.
- Guitar
Evil twin brother "Duke Fetterman" still haunts Baltimore. Memorialized in various ways by the group, including quote included in Act II booklet, annual celebration of Shark Week, memorial t-shirts.

Heath Who Hath No Name MIA; last known status 'on special mission'
- Guitar, Producer of Act I.

Demon Barber KIA; burned alive during the fall of the Thundercon
- Drums
- Reincarnated into a very nice band touring Europe and stuff.

Scartoe KIA
- Guitar
Succeeded by Sir Dr Robert Bakker

The Keeper MIA
- Keyboard (synth and vocoder): 2007-2008

Jesse Christine, Last of the V8 Interceptors KIA by Panther backing her into a fire hydrant Graboids
Replaced by Super Jesse Christine d.b.a. The Skyhammer

The Master Blaster
- Trumpet
- Not so much dead as really, really busy.

The Keymaster
- Drums
Succeeded by The Reanimator

The Merchant MIA
- Vocals

The Replicant MIA
- Vocals

The Repeater
- Vocals

The Dragon KIA
- Drums

Cobra T. Washington
- Guitar

The Gunslinger MIA
- Guitar
Succeeded by Ringo Segundo

The Nightwalker MIA
- Trumpet, Human Choir

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