Welcome to your new obsession

The Protomen are a 9-piece band of restless robot storytellers from Nashville, Tennessee. They've come to tell us a story - to fight a battle - and you're all invited to fight alongside them.

This wiki is dedicated to all fans of The Protomen everywhere, to the gracious and amazing band members, and to the fight for Light in all of its varied forms.

Recent News:

  • The Protomen, after seven years, are getting a documentary film made about them. Full funding of initial goal was achieved within 24 hours. Initial phase of shooting wrapped as of August 28. More updates can be found on the fully-funded Kickstarter page for the documentary.

Upcoming Releases
There's a lot in the pipes in various states of completion:

  • The Act 1 vinyl release party from July 2011 was recorded and is intended for eventual DVD release.
  • The special Queen set from December 2010 in Nashville was recorded and is some way through the remixing process, although it's not clear how far along it got before touring resumed. Turbo Lover was overseeing the remixing.
  • The untitled covers album, a 15 or 16-track all covers album, currently projected for end of 2011. Alan Shacklock, producer of Act II, is returning for this album. Initial recording began February 2011. Drum tracks were completed May 1. Vocal tracking began May 14, 2011.
  • There will be a vinyl release of Act II at some point, possibly early spring 2012. This confirmed by band members in conversations in Portland and Seattle.

Chatter on these projects has been increasing at live shows as of Aug 2011.

What's New on the Wiki?

  • Added 5 new interviews from 2011, a new photo set, and 5 new live reviews for 2011. Additionally, the "about the band" page has been heavily rewritten and extended, and information about the vinyl release was added to the albums page.

Want to know more? We've got plenty. You can check out basic information about the band, find more information about their currently available albums, read interviews and reviews, look at videos or photos, or dig into our new tour flyers archive.

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