Reviews from Live Shows

A good summation of a Protomen experience: Be prepared for gigs to start late. Be prepared for venues to be boiling hot. Be prepared for the band to melt your face clean off. Old reviews are here.


Geekdad: Nerdapalooza 2011 pt. 1: July 21, 2011 "The Protomen were once again excellent, and it’s amazing that they are literally a ten-piece band performing live in coherent harmony. They performed both their albums in order starting on Saturday night. The best part of their set though, and probably all the music heard, was their encore Saturday night. They are working on a Queen cover album and broke out with a couple of Queen songs to end the night. They were spot on performances, spiked with passion and energy." July 29, 2011 "The crowd was almost at a fever pitch before a band member in a metal mask, K.I.L.R.O.Y., came out and warmed the crowd up with a semi-theatric introduction. Not that they needed much work: there were both Megaman and Protoman cosplays in the crowd as it was. Then the band came on stage, and I was blown away."

Geekdad: Nerdapalooza 2011: The Protomen Cover Queen August 5, 2011
"The Protomen always play an entertaining show, they are a large band and there is a lot of music coming off the stage. They are also well known for their cover songs and the sheer energy put into those performances. Last year they closed out the second night with “Mr. Roboto” but I was so tired as the show was three hours behind I barely remember it. This year though, they dipped into the Queen catalog to play us “Death on Two Legs” and “Princes of the Universe.” These are two songs that deserve a high energy treatment and the crowd absolutely loved it. Especially when Turbo Lover came out in … you know what, I’ll leave that surprise for the video."

Nerdzilla: Concert Report August 15, 2011 "It was way different from the PAX show. Smaller, more intimate. At PAX they packed one of the biggest concert halls in Seattle. In OKC they played The Conservatory. That may sound nice to those not familiar with the local music scene, but The Conservatory is basically an un-air conditioned cinderblock and sheet metal shack…"

Christopher Cowan August 19, 2011 "There was one encore, and this time around they did an excellent cover of Queen's, Princes of the Universe. Frankly, I was amazed by how close the Protomen's lead singer was able to sound like Freddie Mercury. I really enjoyed the show once again, my only complaint was with the sound, which was muddy at times. But, that's really the fault of the crappy house P.A. at Emos."

Story By The Throat Aug 31, 2011 "From the very first song, I had tears flowing. I danced and fist-pumped and cried and screamed through the whole gut-wrenching tale, knowing all the while how it would end yet giving myself fully toward feeling its emotions right along with the protagonists. Yes, this is a story of robots and mad scientists, but the Protomen’s genius is that they’ve infused those trappings with a real human core of pain and heartache and hopes raised and hopes crushed. It’s dystopia at its finest. It’s bleak, yet defiantly hopeful for all that. It’s raw and authentic storytelling."

Performer Magazine (Sept 2011 issue) - "When all ten members of the Protomen finally arrived, clad in silver war paint, they asked the Wilmington crowd to pledge their undivided dedication before beginning the concert with How The World Fell Under Darkness. The audience willfully consented and fell under the Protomen’s spell of destruction, rampant machine armies and the epic battle between Capcom video game villain and hero, Doctor Wily and Mega Man. There was little room for the Protomen to dance, but that did not stop them from jumping in the audience, playing dueling guitars, sporting a Mega Man gun, and molesting and singing along with ecstatic audience members."

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