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Old News (is Old) - our archive from the News page.


  • We hear tell that the covers album is now in mixing stage.
  • Documentary funders: Keep an eye on your mailboxes. It appears that the T-shirt and poster incentives are starting to drop now.



  • Act III is still a long ways away - at least end of 2013. The band is focusing on other priorities, including clearing their plate of the cover album (now pushed forward to a tentative end of 2012), the Queen album, and the backlog of live shows for potential DVD releases.
  • The Protomen Present: A Night of Queen preorders are live at Sound Machine. Rumored/reported release party is June 23, 2012, location unknown at this time, but this date was given by Panther at a recent East Coast show.
  • In the future queue: the Pax East 2012 performance was multi-angled and multitracked - it may or may not surface, but if it does it won't be until well after the Act 1 vinyl release show. (The Unofficial Pax DVD people will likely have a version of it available before year end, but The Protomen also made their own formal arrangements.)
  • The Protomen open for Tenacious D May 27 in Vancouver, BC. Nashville Scene warns that the D is hard on opening acts. We'll see how it goes. The D has not updated their site to confirm the presence of The Protomen, but the band assures us the gig is still on via Twitter.


  • New mailer announces the Queen album should be expected May 2012. Rumors about string quartet at PAX confirmed. Powerglove mini-tour confirmed.


  • Congratulations to The Protomen and their cast of 100 fan extras for completing principal photography on the Light Up the Night video!

March 2012


  • The Protomen are hitting Montreal May 22nd for the first time. Unconfirmed on Tour page as yet, but venue/ticket sales are promising a doubleheader show with Powerglove with support from Danimal Cannon and Creature Feature. The ad is billed as "No Survivors 2012." Previous Protomen excursions into Canada have been rarer shows; they've been to Toronto and Vancouver a few times and Winnipeg once. We're informed that this is a Powerglove tour with The Protomen along for the ride as second headliners per a PG fan vote.
  • More dates for No Survivors 2012: Protomen in PA May 20, Protomen in Buffalo May 24, Protomen in Pittsburgh PA May 25. Protomen in Detroit May 26 (Howell, MI) as part of Bled Fest. Protomen in Cleveland, OH May 27. Treat all of these dates as not-entirely-confirmed until they show up on the Tour page, but all are actively selling tickets right now.
  • The big anti-cancer DJ set/MAVS vinyl release party has been bumped to the new date of Nashville, May 4
  • The Kickstarter documentary has gotten the t-shirt incentives "in stock", per a recent update.
  • Some VERY unconfirmed rumormongering: the set at PAX East will be a full run of Act 2 w/ string quartet backing. There's also rumblings about the group working with freddiew on Video Game High School. This wouldn't be the first time they've done things together; our understanding is that he shot the Act 1 vinyl show for them. (This was recently confirmed by Murphy in an April 2012 interview)


  • Light up the Night video filming in NY April 1:

"On our way up to Boston for PAX, we're stopping off in NYC to shoot a video for Light Up The Night (for reals). It's going to be one hell of a thing, and we're going to need the help of all those who want to hang out with us all day and make Hollywood (…or NY) movie magic. It's a daytime shoot on Sunday, April 1st (not fake). We're going to need 150 extras to bring some scripted thunder. The production will be automatically accepting the first 100 applicants and will be choosing the rest by headshots that we'd like you to submit. We aren't requiring head shots, but if you do, it sort of doubles your chances for getting some screen time (but maybe not. I'm terrible at math). Unfortunately, we don't have a unicorn that shits money, so all we can give you in exchange for your time is a free ridiculous Proto-show at the end of the day/night for everyone who is involved. And probably a great deal of terrible snacks of some variety."

Details on how to get in as an extra are in the mailer.

February 2012




  • Unsurprisingly, the band has taken Best of Nashville - Fan Poll at Deli Magazine's 2011 online poll. Details here
  • Commander reports the Queen album is now in its final stages. (per: recent mailer)
  • Tracking still ongoing for the covers album; Sir Bakker recently posted about laying down guitar tracks on Facebook.
  • The documentary is "going great, but gonna take some time" per group's Twitter.
  • You may have heard rumors or seen links to a fan-film group called TRIAL Films that wanted to make a movie of Act I and were soliciting fan donations. That movie has been cancelled. The full story can be found at the related thread at the Comm.
  • Influential Florida Protofan and integral member of the podcast Nerdy Show, "Triforce Mike" passed away abruptly this week. In addition to giving him a shoutout in the most recent mailer, reports are that the band is working on a small personal tribute.
  • PAX East and A&G Ohio, regular joints for early spring touring, have confirmed the band will appear again this year.

December 2010 to Feb 2011

  • Les Mis has now ended; a highlight reel is avail on Youtube.
  • CALL TO ACTION: Are you an overseas fan of The Protomen? Get on their Facebook page and "like" the hell out of them right now - Dear non-USA fans, Fancy people with decision making skills in your lands are considering booking us depending on online activity. The more 'likes' we have, the better. Get your friends on board! Love, P-men
  • Chicago date, the final show of 2011, has been confirmed at last - December 17 at The Metro w/ I Fight Dragons, and others. Tickets here.
  • The band has announced their official signing with The Agency Group for handling of booking. This is a necessary and healthy next step for any band that's been around as long as The Protomen have and tour as hard as they already do. They now share an agent with I Fight Dragons. Let's hope this is a successful collaboration for all involved!

September 2011 to December 2011

  • Some of our robot heroes will be performing in a rock-flavored revamp of Les Miserables for charity, December 7 and 8 at Mercy Lounge in Nashville.
  • The livestream of the Halloween show at the Exit/In was streamed and is archived for viewing at the Exit/In's page: Exit/In.
  • For those of us sad we couldn't make Terminator the Second - take heart. We wiki-editors have personally received confirmations from Murphy that there is intent to restage the show again next year. The group's score for this is orchestral/soundtrack in nature - there are no vocals, but this is also the group's first official soundtrack project, something they've been wanting to do for a long time.
  • Makeup and Vanity Set and The Protomen did a private party in Nashville at The 5 Spot on 10/27/11. Lance Conzett of Nashville Cream got a couple of phone pictures which he kindly agreed to allow us to share with you: MAVS | The Protomen | The Protomen 2 (thnx protofans@tumblr for 'shop) This was a closed party for a very small crowd, so we are grateful to have pictures from it!
  • The November East Coast tour dates are now available. You can hit the Tour page directly from our top bar link or visit this link. Get out there and get you some robot action. They are touring with I Fight Dragons this time around, a great pairing. They hop off the tour again in New Orleans.
  • Terminator the Second opens today (10/14/11) in Nashville.
  • Brief November tour of North and Eastern territories coming - cities and dates to be announced in a couple of days. If for some godforsaken reason you haven't seen the group yet this is your chance. Get on the mailing list for details.
  • If you're in Nashville, you have a rare chance to see the robits performing on a non-musical stage - check out Terminator the Second, which cameo-guest stars no less than 6 of our favorite singing robots playing the SWAT team that shoots Miles Dyson (thanks, Commander). They also crafted the score for the production. Production runs October 14-17 at Nashville School of the Arts. In other October news, there's a special Halloween show with The Protomen at the Exit/In with Peelander-Z and MC Frontalot. The West is collectively heading to that show, so expect video later.
  • Go get the September 2011 issue of Performer Magazine - there's a review of the group, making it only the third or fourth time the group has gotten actual print media coverage, in an actual magazine. You know what you must do.
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