As always, first and best source of news is the official mailing list which you should have already time-traveled back to the future to be on before you even read this. Stuff presented on this page usually is either pulled from the mailer or from official announcements confirmed from proper channels on FB and Twitter. For news archives, go here

Fresh News last updated 8/31/13


  • New song dropped at Pax. Video links as they come in. People at Pax can ask (politely) at the group's booth at Bandland and listen to the new song with their ears. More info as/when it becomes available. Introduced as coming "soon". Can not confirm this is another Act III jam; was not introduced as such.
  • VGHS's second season theme was performed & written by The Protomen's own Raul Panther III, but is not an 'official' group jam. (need to create Apocryphal Songs page)


  • Protos just had their big 10th anniversary shindig in Nashville on the 27th with Hanzelle and MAVS. Guests had cake, ice cream, first 100 through the door got red and blue Act 1- cover themed party hats. Long-lamented "away on a secret mission" member Heath Who showed up for at least part of the set. Rare covers - Phil Collins' "Easy Lover", "The Trooper" - were played, and new choral backing tracks have been added to the final section of Hold Back the Night. K.I.L.R.O.Y. came out of a cardboard cake; Commander later destroyed it. Version Industries did a cool poster for the event. You can see the slideshow that ran at the event at this link.
  • Australian tour announced - makes sense since they're going there for PAX AUS. Additional dates are centered around their performance there, this was mostly a hint on the mailer.
  • The group is getting one crossed off their bucket list - will be playing with Andrew W.K. in May at the Madison Theater in Covington, KY.


  • The Protomen are confirmed for a return to SXSW in Austin for 2013; will be taking part in a free showcase show in Nashville March 2, prior to leaving for the festival, at Mercy Lounge. See here (No Country announcement) and here (SXSW event page) for specifics. This is the second time they've hit SXSW; they were also there in 2010. This will probably kick off a spring tour cycle as they make their way toward PAX Australia in late July 2013.


  • Interesting discovery has come to light via the Comm regarding the barcode on the I Drove All Night Cassette. Decoding the provided barcode on the label translates to both a website: "" (Currently inactive; registered Dec 10, 2012 - translation is confirmable at this website, WHOIS is protected data) and the numbers on the code translate to a slightly miscoded "Keep Quiet".
  • Version Industries has confirmed that the covers album will be formally titled "The Cover Up" and the concept being that the covers album represents "the greatest soundtrack to a movie you've never seen''; hints in cassette artwork imply that The Cover Up may be related to Joe and hence something like an "Act 2.5".


  • Cassette single (no download code) release party at 12th and Porter.


  • The Protomen publically performed a song from Act III at Pax (and this time it's for real). Check out our History of Act III page for details.

Upcoming Releases

There's a lot in the pipes in various states of completion:

  • The band may be shopping for a new producer for (or self-producing) Act III based on interview given at Magfest 2013.
  • The band filmed a number of sequences for an intended video of Light up the Night; Commander recently hinted the intent is a long-form or "more than just" a music video. Reshoots were stalled, however, due to Hurricane Sandy. Principal photography is still ongoing/waiting for better weather and other conditions to resolve.
  • The Act 1 vinyl release party from July 2011 was recorded and is intended for eventual DVD release. This is in post-production; the audio track is "safe" at 12th and Porter per Panther, October 2011.
  • Alan Shacklock, producer of Act II, is returning for an all-covers album. Confirmed title: "The Cover Up", with the concept being that the covers album represents "the greatest soundtrack to a movie you've never seen''; hints in cassette artwork imply that The Cover-Up may be something like an "Act 2.5". Initial recording began February 2011. Initial Drum tracks were completed May 1. Vocal tracking began May 14, 2011. Guitar tracks have been worked on Feb 2012. Known to be in 'mixing' status as of July 2012. The album is said to be somewhere around 15-16 tracks. A related cassette single containing two tracks dropped 12/21/12; it's not known if these will appear on the final release. Current date being talked about is second or third quarter of 2013.
  • There is an intention to put out a vinyl release of Act II as well.
  • The Protomen, after seven years, are getting a documentary film made about them. Full funding of initial goal was achieved within 24 hours. Initial phase of shooting wrapped as of August 28, 2012. The band continues to shoot footage currently. More updates can be found on the fully-funded Kickstarter page for the documentary. Chris Pappavaselio, brother of "Mad Dog" Pappavaselio, is the lead on this project and traveled with the band for several months to record an intimate portrait of the band and its fandom on tour. The documentary is still an ongoing project.
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