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They are your heroes. They are your salvation. They are your hope. They are better than the Rolling Stones. They are The Protomen.

The Protomen are a 9-piece band of restless robot storytellers from Nashville, Tennessee. They've come to tell us a story - to fight a battle - to save America - and you're all invited to fight alongside them. This wiki is dedicated to all fans of The Protomen everywhere, to the gracious and amazing band members, and to the fight for Light in all of its varied forms.

"Keep up the good work." - The Protomen

  • 10/29/13: NEW RELEASE: New Capcom official tribute album: MM 25: Mega Man Rocks released today, avail. iTunes and Amazon.com. The fan tribute album, arranged by OCRemix, features tracks from several of the Mega Man-based VGM scene bands, including three tracks from The Protomen. One is new: "Built to Last", a non-canon but "in the universe" song like Beards Going Nowhere. Built to Last was intro'd at Pax Prime in August 2013, and is not expected to be part of Act III. The other tracks are a 2013 edit of Will of One and the limited-edition cassette version of Breaking Out for those who missed it. Now available, so go get 'em!
  • 11/1/13: Release party at Mercy Lounge in Nashville for Terminator the Second DVD release in Nashville. The band (who played bit parts as a SWAT team, presumably also will appear on DVD) will be performing a full set after, and they wrote the musical backing for the show. More info here.

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